What homeowner hasn’t thought about doing their own DIY home improvement project? What you might not be aware of is some of those projects will actually require a permit. Don’t get too worked up over feeling like the city wants control of whether or not you change out those windows from the 30’s.

“Obtaining a permit means that someone knowledgeable will review your plans and help spot mistakes before you begin the work,” says Rick Goldstein, an architect and co-owner of MOSAIC Group in Atlanta. (Laura Agadoni. 8 DIY Projects That (Surprise!) MSN.com. 2015)

 Here are 8 do-it-yourself projects that will require a permit

Building a Deck 

You need to make sure that your deck is structurally sound. You won’t want to use lumber that has been untreated because your deck could collapse. Most importantly you want to make sure you are getting it right when it comes to the railings.

Putting in a gas stove

A large number of home owners are switching their electrical stoves out for a gas one. If this is installed improperly gas could leak resulting in death.

Replacing windows or doors

You need a permit to ensure emergency egress requirements are met.

Putting up a fence

You will need a survey and permit for this. Why?  You need to be sure that you aren’t violating city ordinances by building a fence that doesn’t meet your neighborhoods requirements or restrictions. If you do choose to build a fence without a permit the city could lay a stop-work order on you.

Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom

Any major remodeling work done in either of these areas needs to be accompanied by a permit. Without doing so could potentially cause major hiccups if you go to sell your home. Banks can hold off on funding a mortgage until they see a permit for remodeled areas.

Installing a safe room or storm shelter

It’s important to get a permit for a storm shelter because this ensures that it is registered. Therefore in an event of a natural disaster first responders will be aware of your shelter and will know to check there first.

Replacing a gas water heater

There are too many dangers associated with replacing a gas water heater. Incorrect installment could create a flood, fire or if gas escapes your house could blow up!

Installing new electrical wiring

This is another area where a permit and someone with knowledge and experience needs to be a top priority. There are too many risks (FIRE) associated with wiring in your home.

Getting a permit will insure that you have a preinspection and you will have an inspector who will look over the completed job to ensure it was done properly.

Minimize the potential for home sale complications down the road by getting permits. They will also ensure that your beautifully remodeled home is up to code.