I have grown up in Boise my whole life and taken my fair share of runs through Hyde Park. When I was in cross country in High school we used to do a challenge called the “gummy worm run.” This includes a run by Goody’s Goodies where we buy a big bag of gummy worms. Then each runner takes 1 worm and puts it in their mouth for the duration of the run through the foothills in Camel’s back. The goal: to preserve the gummy worm in full condition. Whoever had the best looking gummy worm at the end of the run, was rewarded the rest of the bag of gummy worms. Hyde Park is the Mountain Biker’s unofficial headquarters. Go to one of the parks to bike or hike in the foothills and end your night walking down in the lit up Hyde Park and getting some grub at the Parilla Grill or another local restaurant down there. It is a great environment and has its own unique culture that you simply must explore. The annual Hyde Park Street Fair is coming just around the corner on September 12th-14th. It’s their 35th year, so expect some fun surprises! Ride your bike down to get the real feel of the Hyde Park spirit.