Last fall, I walked into one of the many gorgeous Parade Homes in the Valley and was surprised by one feature that I had not seen before. It was a little shocking too. Right there, in the focal point of the home – THE KITCHEN – was a wall green cabinets! All of the cabinetry was a deep, bold hunter green! That is not something I was expecting. Or something I would ever even dream could be appealing. But there it was, just demanding attention. At first I was a little turned off to the color. I mean, it may be pretty for today. And this week. I may even like it for a whole month. But what happens when I (inevitably) get tired of hunter green? Repainting cabinets is no easy task! Could I live long term with a color so prominent??

As I walked through the rest of the home and back into the kitchen, the cabinets actually worked really well in that home! I still wasn’t ready to rush home and repaint my own, but I definitely wasn’t opposed to them anymore.


I didn’t really think about them again until a few months later while scrolling through Pinterest, I saw another shocking green kitchen! This one was done in a much brighter green, but very green cabinets from top to bottom! Now that is bold!

Since then, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, and decor, with all shades of green have popped up regularly on Pinterest and Instagram! Green cabinets, as well as backsplashes, walls, and furniture, seem to be having quite a moment right now.

Now that this trend has had time to grow on me, I find myself really drawn to some of these ideas! The kelly green lacquered cabinets, I can definitely get on board with! I love the bold look of a deep green tile backsplash. And I would find a place in my home for the bright pop of a piece of green furniture.

So, what do you think? Is this green trend hot? Or not?