I want to introduce all of you to The Garner Company. As you know I am always seeking out people who are doing great things in our community and this company is one of them. I am totally impressed with the quality of their projects and people. Their company motto is “Developing Community” and I believe they are doing just that here in the Boise  area. Because of this I want to spotlight the Garner Company here so when your boss or your father in law or someone else you need to impress mentions them (which, believe me, they will) you can say, oh ya I know them.

The company was founded in Salt Lake in 1974 and has developed more than 28 million square feet of commercial property including over 750,000 in Idaho since 2009. I have no doubt you’ve seen some of their projects. Their Idaho resume includes Portico in Meridian (where Buffalo Wild Wings and Scentsy used to be), the St. Luke’s Medical  Plaza, Eagle Island Crossing (retail and office park in Eagle) and Library Square Project in Nampa. And guess what, they’re the guys filling “the Hole” downtown! The project is  the tallest in Idaho and is located on Eighth and Main, you know the spot.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know some of their main guys- I have known Weston for quite a few years and was able to witness his work ethic first hand while he and I did some service in Washington DC. Matt and his family lived in my neighborhood and we did a triathlon together a couple years ago. I met Tom Jr while I was in the ER with kidney stones… despite the pain it was a pleasure meeting him. Bottom line is they are all great down to earth guys who have a goal of doing good things for our community.

Now that you know the Garner Company guys, I’m excited to introduce to you one of their big projects right now. Mace River Ranch is a 192 acre master planned community set along the Boise river, adjacent to downtown Eagle.  It’s the last significant real estate of it’s kind in the city. If you’ve been looking for a place to buy or build a home in a beautiful riverfront or waterfront setting that is still conveniently located to Eagle, Meridian and Boise- this is it!

Mace River Ranch has everything that you could want in a new community. It boasts a great location, great amenities, a quality building team and much more, including:

-New one-mile-long Greenbelt extension

-Spacious clubhouse

-Community pool

-40-acre nature preserve with fish and wildlife restoration

-2.5 miles of on-site trails

-Lush landscaping, ponds and waterfalls


Ok so I always want to leave you with some quick facts that can help you sound smart at a party so here is a cliff notes version of the history of Mace River Ranch- you’ll be an expert on the whole situation by the end of this article.
-In 1887, Mace River Ranch was homesteaded by Polete Mace, one of the original founders of Eagle.
-On September 3, 1887, President Grover Cleveland granted Mace a land patent for 130 acres.
-The Mace family farmed the land for over 100 years and through four generations. They used the property’s timber to build log cabins.
-Mace River Ranch’s large nature preserve serves as a living tribute to the Mace family’s legacy of environmental stewardship.
-One hundred and twenty six years later, the land the Mace family called home is now Eagle’s last undeveloped riverfront parcel of it’s kind.


Mace River Ranch is definitely worth taking a look at. Like I said it’s the last area of it’s kind in Eagle. You’ve gotta snatch a piece of it up before it’s gone.  I have had the oppurtunity to meet and work with many of the builders that are building in Mace River.  Email for more information.