A question we get almost every week (since Brett and I have both own Ada and Canyon County 4-plexes) is “have we hit bottom and when should I buy?

This is not real estate agent optimism.  It’s based on the hard facts we are seeing in the marketplace.

It looks like multi-unit investment property in Ada county has hit the price floor and there are no signs of it decreasing any further.  If an owner has not been foreclosed up to this point chances are they have sensible mortgages and have weathered the storm.  Other factors we see include active listings being down overall, pending deals on the up-swing for the past two months, and deals making it to the closing table – some with multiple backup offers.

But no matter where the bottom is, recent prices have made the cash flow from day one far too attractive for smart investors to sit by and wait any longer.  Ada County 4-plexes look like they are trending up and Canyon County has one of the lowest inventory levels we have seen in recent years (at less than 3 months).

The deals are there if you know where to look!   Contact us today and we’ll send you a list of what we think are the best cash flow investment properties available.  Brett and I have have been active real estate investors for years and have never seen better buying conditions.  For serious Buyers, we recommend logging into our Listingbook and searching the MLS in real time.  It’s the most powerful software we have every offered for free to our clients.

Remember also that with today’s interest rates, a Buyer’s purchasing power is only further increased.


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