Home Security has evolved into a safeguard that many of us feel is an absolute necessity in keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe. After all, our home is our castle and we will do whatever it takes to defend it.

Have you seen what is available for home security these days? There is smart home technology that can work with other home automation systems allowing you to monitor and/or control your home from anywhere in the world to throw intruders off. These controls allow you to open and close blinds or randomly turn lights on and off. You can even lock and unlock doors for specific visitors!

Some home security systems that tie into a smart home LED lighting system flash all the lights red during a home emergency, such as a fire or break in. Many of us just install motion sensor lights around the house and these still have been found to deter someone trying to break and enter on a dark side of the house.

While these technologies can reduce your risk of intruders, safety is of importance to you in your home buying decision and choosing a safe neighborhood is where it all begins.

Common characteristics of safe neighborhoods

Look for well maintained homes in the area you are wanting to buy.

Unfortunetly we all can’t live on a street that looks like it came straight out of a hollywood movie set, but take notice of the homes around the areas you are looking at. Do they have broken windows? Are there abandoned homes?

Neighborly Neighbors

Studies suggest that when neighbors take an interest in each other’s’ well-being, neighborhoods experience less criminal activity. Don’t be afraid to talk to the neighbors before you choose your home. Having a friendly rapport with the people who live near you could literally save your life in an emergency and could also help if you forgot an ingredient at the store and are in a bind! If you don’t see anyone out and about in the neighborhood, neither do criminals who are hoping to go unnoticed.

Neighborhood Organizations

Neighbors who care about the community can also take responsibility to encourage positive community activities by forming or joining existing neighborhood organizations or homeowner associations (HOAs). In Meridian, Idaho we have numerous neighborhoods that have community movie watching nights. How fun is that? Grab a blanket and some snacks and take the kiddos out to the grass for a summer’s eve movie night!

Good Schools

Families concerned with their children’s education also worry about their safety and tend to live in communities where the schools have a great reputation.

Ratio of owner-occupied homes to renters

Studies have shown that homeowners take pride in ownership and take more measures to protect their homes from intruders than renters do. However where renters feel welcome in the community they can also play a role in improving or maintaining its safety. Being neighborly and including everyone who lives in your area provides the best foundation for safe neighborhoods.

Green Spaces

Parks with open spaces and green landscape have been shown to relive stress associated with aggressive behavior. Community gardens can also serve a similar need.

“I’m watching you!” Neighborhood Watch programs

Watch out for one another. Working in conjunction with law-enforcement, neighbors become extra  eyes and ears to deter criminal activity.

Social engagements

Community activities like cook-outs and block parties or people tending their gardens, sitting on front porches or walking through the neighborhood socializing create an environment that tends to discourage criminals. They can’t carry out their plans with an audience in attendance.


When buying your next home stop and take a look at the neighborhood you think you want to live in. If things look a bit shady take a closer look and ask yourself if you will truly feel safe there. Introduce yourself to your future neighbors. The solution to feeling safe isn’t always by adding technology, even though some of it is pretty cool, sometimes you need to hit the pavement and actually talk to people to get a feel for the area (gasp!).  We wish you the best of luck in your search!