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When building a new home, especially for those living out of state during the construction process,  it can be a bit daunting, nerve racking and the cause of great concern.  It is for us too  🙂   and except for a few bumps along the road it went very well for our new homeowners and for us during 2015.  We learned a few things about making the process better/ easier for our home owners and sub-contractors.  What a delicate process of understanding ideas, dreams and particulars, then being able to communicate and orchestrate those ideas first to paper and then in reality.  Another big shout out to our many partners/subcontractors who are skilled craftsmen in their trades.  Again, thank you for the trust and opportunity to build your home this year and we look forward to another year filled with positive, upbeat and excited families moving to Idaho or moving up in Idaho.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Glade Poulsen
Paragon Homes, LLC 
Multi-Generational HousingFor millions of people, it’s reality — family members from two or more generations living together. The recession that began around the beginning of 2007 may have fueled it, but many think that the move toward multigenerational homes was bound to happen. Sharing a home is just one of the smart housing choices that makes sense on many levels.  Granted, it is not for everyone but for some it is a wonderful thing.


Families decide to share housing for three basic reasons: child care, elder care and money. Of course, moving into one home for the purpose of simplifying child care or elder care also has a financial component; both types of care can be prohibitively expensive. But considerable money can also be saved on mortgage or rent, household furnishings and utilities. Another factor that pushes some toward creating a multigenerational household is love of family.


With so many common-sense arguments for living in a multi-generational home, why don’t more families give it a try? The reasons are many and complex, with a desire for independence topping the list. In the United States especially, the ideal for the better part of a century has been for nuclear families to be fairly autonomous.
Proponents of multi-generational homes say that the independence too often becomes isolation.


If you can imagine having both privacy and togetherness, help and independence under the same roof; that is what Builders are beginning to design.  Offering innovative floor plans to accommodate your family without sacrificing comfort and style.  You can enjoy significant cost savings and more opportunities for special family moments.
Look at some of the ideas on the floor plan above this print and begin to understand the Home Within A Home solution for multi-generational lifestyle.

  • Separate private entrance to main home and suite
  • Two living areas under one roof featuring two entries, two seperate bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry, and living room
  • Separate garages/entries to garages for both suites
  • Interconnecting door (inside between both suites) acts like an outside door inside the home.  Soundproof, but yet if there is an emergency, someone is right there
  • Turn second suite into an office for the entrepreneur working from home. Lock the door and leave the office and go home! 🙂
  • Turn the “suite” into a rental providing additional income
  • Use your own imagination how to use this space to best benefit you and your family

Paragon Homes is very interested in developing a home for you and your family if this is of interest to you.