Buyer Services

Boise Home Buyer Services

Boise Premier has experienced “Buyer Agents” ready to assist you. As your exclusive Representative, we will find the perfecthome…no matter how long that takes. We will help you analyze and view properties that fit your needs and, of course, offer valuable real estate advice throughout the entire process.

Why Use a Buyer’s Agent?

First, it does not cost anything to use us. Second, as you are viewing the most current homes for sale you need someone with a market knowledge to explain any “nuances” of each home. We are one of the only Idaho Real Estate Companies that focus on individual lifestyles and their influence on a real estate decision. In addition to determining number of beds, baths, and square footage, we learn what elements of a home and neighborhood will create your highest level of fulfillment. Many aspects of the perfect home are subtle and intangible, yet have the greatest effect on overall happiness.

Our “Life Styling” process explores how to find a home that allows you to live your life as you want to. We work to make sure your home matches the lifestyle you want to achieve.  As your friend and advocate, we share our experience and knowledge in helping you refine your search. We will also try to make sure you see only the homes that meet your needs, so you don’t spend time on listings that are not of interest to you.

Know All the Facts on Homes you are Interested in

As you compare the homes that interest you, we are here every step to provide any additional information about the home, its neighborhood, costs,and other items of interest or concern. Once the “perfect” home has been found and you are “under contract”, a home inspection is conducted to examine the physical condition.

Negotiation and Contract Workflow

In today’s real estate environment, most real estate transactions include an extensive negotiating and contract process. As your Boise-area Buyer’s Agent, it will be our job to represent you and help you get the best deal possible. We’ll also attend home inspections, appraisals, contractor visits, etc. to make sure any and all agreed-on repair work is carried out, and YES we will manage all paperwork, deadlines, and documents related to the sale. This is a major task that should not be underestimated, especially in today’s real estate environment.