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Just a small transaction fee and a small monthly Technology / Office Fee

Example Transaction:

       $200,000 sale at 3% commission = $6,000
$6,000 – $495 = $5,505 commission payout to Agent

Low transaction fees are fine, but it’s the “mastermind relationships”, unmatched atmosphere, advanced technology, and full Broker support that make Boise Premier superior. Did you get a chance to watch our inside the lions den video?


Boise Premier delivers better service than many higher-split companies. Pro-active Broker support is a key component of your business, and it is why we receive so many referrals from our current Agents. We only make money when you complete a transaction, so we always do our best to help you succeed.

If all of this sounds great – you’re not alone. Several of the best agents in the Treasure Valley have made Boise Premier their home. The process of joining us is very simple and even includes a “Concierge Service” to make the move seamless:

Are you ready? Schedule a time to meet in person

  • After the interview we will email the “transfer forms” to you for signature
  • You sign the documents and scan them back to us – we do all the rest
  • We will contact the Idaho Real Estate Commission, MLS, and your Broker to obtain all required signatures
  • You will be assigned a “Concierge” who will help you fully transition.

If you are interested in joining Boise Premier, but are uncomfortable with the idea of “exiting” your old company, the good news is you don’t have to. We will tactfully and professionally take care of every step of your transfer, leaving you free from any uncomfortable situations.

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