Mason Alpert

Phone: 208.629.7493
Mason is a passionate and creative real estate professional whose clients’ satisfaction and best interests are the utmost priority. He conducts business like a true professional you can trust, but lives to connect and care for you with the compassion of a life-long friend. It’s no surprise that many of his past clients have walked away becoming exactly.

Mason has sold real estate for 4+ years. He was awarded the Coldwell Banker Rookie of the Year award in his first year in the business. He went on to become a successful member of a small team of 5 agents closing 260+ transactions each year. Simply put, Mason knows how to sell real estate and always gets the job done.

Before Mason moved to Boise, he spent a few years doing international service missions in 17 different developing countries. He’s lived in orphanages in Cambodia, distributed food in earthquake refugee camps in Nepal, loved on the homeless in India, and taught college classes in the Ukraine. Mason believes in living a life beyond himself, and incorporates that philosophy into the way he serves his clients.

Mason loves living in the Boise area with his wife, Emily, and new baby girl, Adeline Joy. Mason enjoys playing sports, reading, drinking good coffee, and sharing a delicious meal with amazing people.

If you’re looking for an agent you can count on, Mason is the cream of the crop.