Charlie Dodero

Phone: 208.580.4206
Hello there!

The biggest reason I do this job is simply because I love what I do! I enjoy the transaction process, the freedom I get running my own business, and above all, the people I get to meet everyday working in this community! My main objective is provide informative value to all people interested in Real Estate, not just my clients. If anyone wants to have a conversation about anything life, I'm all game. Living life and Real Estate will always be interlocked together, no matter what!

Over the course of my professional hockey career, I've acquired a numerous amount of skills I believe will help me in my Real Estate practice. For example... a tenacious work ethic, working within a team environment, negotiation skills (there is a lot that goes into negotiating pro contracts), just to name a few. Over the course of my time playing for the Idaho Steelheads here in town, it has taken me a while to find a passion that would replace hockey with my next career. I think I have found that passion! I am looking forward to serving the community that has allowed me to fulfill my dreams.

Real Estate fascinates me. The POWER of Real Estate fascinates me. In my opinion, Real Estate is the #1 way to create wealth. The different ways you can create wealth in Real Estate fascinates me. There isn't just one cookie cutter approach. I love how every piece of property can be looked at with a different lens of investing. The fact that Real Estate can make such a drastic, positive difference in your life and that I can possibly be a small piece of that is what motivates me. Whether it's getting you into your dream home, finding that first home to get your foot in the door, or grabbing that investment property to build your portfolio, I honestly get pure joy in assisting with that.

I never thought I would be able to replace that high of scoring a big goal at CenturyLink Arena, or winning a playoff series against a rival. But to be honest, being a small part in helping individuals and families does it for me as well. Please let me know if there's anything else I can do to help. Anything! It's never about money, or leveraging time vs money. This is about me giving back and staying in touch with the community that has given me so much to be thankful for.