Bill Chave

Phone: 831.325.1658
Waz Up?! A little about me, with hopes of learning more about you. I moved to Boise from Santa Cruz, CA to finish a Master's degree at BSU and to reconnect with my folks who lived in Garden Valley. Unfortunately, I wasn't one of the smart Californians that actually invested in real estate early, sold and moved here with lots of cash. With little down, I purchased my first home which sparked my interest in real estate. That 3/2 home is now a rental, and a path I would encourage many first-time buyers to consider. My original intention for moving here was to finish the schooling and move back. Well, a wife, kids, and 17 years later, I'm here to stay. I honestly can't imagine raising my children anywhere else. What an amazing state Idaho is. After living my entire life on the ocean, surfing, skating, mounting biking, scuba diving, boating, fishing etc., I never thought any other inland city could offer enough to keep me there. I have fallen in love with the kindness, beauty, opportunities, and adventure that awaits us all over Idaho.

In addition to working real estate full time, I also own a marketing communication design company. We have been in business for over 20 years and specialize in the design and production of tradeshow exhibits, graphics, and interiors. A while back, I found myself burning out, so after 26 years in the trade show biz, I handed the reins to a few of my best employees. That decision freed me up to pursue my passion for real estate as a full time job. My experiences in business, marketing, design, building, customer service, project and deadline management, are all assets I bring to the table when working for you. Buyers market, sellers market, up or down economy, there’s always something going on to complicate and add stress to either side of these large real estate transactions. I am confident in my ability to handle any time-sensitive, complicated or difficult transaction. I simply won’t rest until we’ve secured the deal you are after. My business dealings are always ethical, and I strive for fun, stress-free interactions at every stage of our journey. I am sensitive to the range of emotions that come with selling or buying a home and look forward to sharing the experience with you.