Jason Kusar

Phone: 208.971.6342
I am a 22 year veteran of the Los Angeles City Fire department, 5 years with the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department and have been a real estate agent for the past 10 years in Southern California, having experience as a Project Manager, buying, renovating and selling homes. My wife of 24 years and I decided to move our family three years ago in search of a free America. We found that in the beautiful Treasure Valley of Idaho. Our only wish was that we would have moved sooner and been able to raise our children in such a wonderful environment. We feel truly blessed to live in a place with limitless outdoor activities right outside our doorstep. As a family, we enjoy being able to hunt, camp, fish, go off-roading, and hike, to name a few.

My son is a recent graduate of Boise State University (2022), with a degree in Construction Management and my daughter a graduate of Owyhee High School (2022), looking to study Wildlife Biology in college and help contribute to the conservation of Idaho's Wildlife. We embrace the beauty of Idaho, and believe in the preservation of its core values. This has led me to become an Idaho real estate agent and help others that feel like us and want a better life for their families. Whether you are a First Responder, Military/Veteran, or just a Patriot, looking to relocate from out of state or simply move within the Treasure Valley, I am here to help with all of your needs.

"No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom unless he be vigilant in its preservation." - General MacArthur