Wendy Anderson

Phone: (208) 794-9808
You can’t spend much time in Idaho without realizing we have plenty to offer someone looking to buy property here. Growing up in Idaho, I have come to appreciate its rivers and mountains and love its cities and small towns. As a real estate agent in Idaho, I can offer you years of experience of living, working and playing here to find that perfect fit for you. Whether you are buying your first home, building your dream home, or building your investment portfolio, I know Idaho. I have also been a mortgage broker for over 10 years, and a real estate investor myself so I can help with critical financing questions and finding a smart fit for investment potential.

I like to make every purchase as much fun as catching a fat rainbow in a sparkling Idaho river, finding a bonus $20 bill in your wet laundry, or scoring the rock star parking spot in front of your favorite Idaho hot spot. I don’t take myself too seriously, but I DO take the business of helping you make one of life's biggest decisions VERY seriously.

Whether you are buying, building or investing - make your next move a smart move and call, email, or text me today to help. I will make your next purchase, one that makes YOU smile!