“Boise Premier is the best brokerage to work for. For them, it’s not about growing their company; they are more interested in helping agents build successful businesses. Boise Premier has forced me to get out of my comfort zone, and has supported my partner and me through the process of establishing our own brand. We get constant encrouragement, support and appreciation from our broker and all the other agents at Boise Premier.”

– Jenn Hickey, Boise Real Estate Pros

Boise Premier Agent

“Everyone’s Dream Brokerage! Integrity, Service, Commitment!”

– Stephanie Reay Boise Premier Agent

“Boise Premier is a great place to work. Always being challenged and supported by the awesome staff and fellow agents.”

– Emily Smith Boise Premier Agent

“I LOVE working at Boise Premier!! Top of the line broker and office help. Not to mention to amazing atmosphere the outstanding agents here provide. I can NOT think of a better place to work.”

-Robyn Baird Boise Premier Agent
“Boise Premier is the perfect blend of support when you need it, and freedom when you don’t. Brett is always accesible and looking for ways to improve the process. Once you go into the Lion’s Den, there’s no going back out.”
– Lane Ranstrom Boise Premier Agent

“The uniqueness of Boise Premier stands out from the beginning. As Brett Hughes says “I wanted to create a brokerage that really meets the needs of today’s agents, and by focusing on individualistic marketing, low transaction fees, and the right digital platforms to find success I feel Boise Premier meets that need.” Brett does all that and more! He has created an awesome group of people that I am honored to be a part of!”

– Rita O’Brien Boise Premier Agent

“Boise Premier is by far the best brokerage! Want a company that is committed to you, the client? Then look no further. We take pride in making sure you are completely happy!”

– Joanna Etter Boise Premier Agent

“Top notch brokerage with a wonderful staff and tons of support! Great place to work!”

– Kristy Alves Boise Premier Agent

“When I first started in Real Estate, I did a transaction with a Boise Premier Realtor, and I was always so impressed by the way he carried himself and treated those around him. Each time I encountered an agent from Boise Premier, it was the same experience. Quality people, quality work, and a pleasure to work with, and observe how well they represented their clients. Fast forward 3 1/2 years, and I am now lucky to be a Realtor at this Brokerage that I have admired for so long! I am constantly impressed with the other Realtors here and how they advocate for their clients, utilize the innovative tools that are available to them, and genuinely care about each other. If you have any type of need or even just want information about the market and industry, Myself and my fellow Agents at Boise Premier will take great care of you, and will do so with great respect for YOU and the things you hold important!”

– Laurie Engelbreit Boise Premier Agent

I came to Boise Premier looking for a more boutique feeling and got that and so much more! “There is a genuine team feeling in BPRE that when one person succeeds, we all do. The wealth of experience between the agents and their willingness to share that knowledge make this brokerage a great place to not only learn about real estate, but grow your business as well. I feel like I have a team of experts in my corner 24/7!”

– Sally Reynolds Boise Premier Agent

“I recently switched over as an agent to Boise Premier and I love it. It has a small, local feel but offers so many great tools & support, which makes it competitive with bigger brokerages. I couldn’t be happier! I have been supported and encouraged to run my business in a way that gives back and serves my clients with excellence. I can’t say enough good things about Brett, Melissa, and Kait!”

– Stacey King Boise Premier Agent
“Boise Premier Real Estate is the best brokerage in town! The support and knowledge that is available from the broker and the experienced agents is phenomenal. The administrative staff is friendly, supportive and helpful, and the agents are the best of the best!” -Karli Love Boise Premier Agent

“I love selling for Boise Premier, everyone is warm and inviting. I have previously sold for two other brokerages and interviewed with several more and Boise Premier just felt better from the get go. After several months here I know I made a great choice. At other brokerages I felt like I was just a number and with Boise Premier it’s more like a family.”

-Clayton Clark Boise Premier Agent
“Boise Premier is the best source for real estate help and to get you into local events! Brett is intelligent and easy to work with. Not to mention they have put together a crack team to make the process easier.” -Dustin Hughes Boise Premier Agent