Hayden Newland

Phone: 208.559.4440
"Welcome all new and existing Idahoans! I am an Idaho boy that has lived in Eagle most of my life. I attended the University of Idaho for my Undergraduate and Master’s degrees, but somehow fell in love with real estate throughout the process. I am an instrument rated pilot and love to fly around the area when I have some free time. I also love traveling and seeing new places. I am incredibly passionate about music and listen to almost all types. I am blessed with the greatest family and the most amazing girlfriend in the world!

I am a very passionate person that has struggled to find a job where I can enjoy helping other people and making their life better. I always knew that if I believed in what I was doing, I would become great at my profession. With real estate, it is so easy to work hard at my job because I truly enjoy what I do. I have always been a hard worker that tries to make a difference, but I have never been more excited to work toward something. I enjoy meeting new people and trying to help them in some way, so this career fits my personality really well.

I love everything about the Treasure Valley and the housing market in this area. I have loved living in Boise, especially because I love being outdoors. I like the fact that no matter what part of town you live in, you can be minutes away from a beautiful river, a park, mountains, or multiple other scenes. It is my main goal to maintain a strong relationship with all those I serve and create meaningful connections.”