Brett Hughes

Founder | Designated Broker
Phone: 208.484.2156
Know anyone who…has arranged 4 marriages (including his own), kind of secretly loves Whitney Houston-type songs, gets down to early 90s rap always pulling out an awkward version of the running man AND bites his lower lip while doing it, follows Boise State Football even on road trips (traveling as far away as Oregon, Georgia, Arizona, Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada), has bought and sold all kinds of businesses (even owned and sold a newspaper that serves the Horse industry), loves entrepreneurs and ALL underdogs, thinks lunch is the best meal of the day (and that it’s even better with friends), loves putting deals and people together, is a novice surfer (at best), wake boarder, played full-contact 8-man city league football for six years (surprisingly.. didn’t play in the NFL), reads a book a month, fiercely defends the remote control from his family and used to DVR The Office and SNL each week…

Brett is the Founder of Boise Premier Real Estate. He has lived in Boise nearly all of his life and loves the area; his first job was mowing lawns and delivering newspapers near Warm Springs Ave. He attended Roosevelt and Adams Elementary schools, North Jr. High, Boise High School, and graduated from Boise State University with a degree in Business Management in 2005. He has been a licensed Realtor in Idaho since 2003.

During his career Brett has been involved in many aspects of Real Estate from lot development, rehabbing properties, property management and moving homes from commercial to residential lots, with a broad education as an agent, investor, and brokerage owner.