If you’ve been watching the news lately or you’ve been paying attention to the Powerball, you’ve probably seen that it’s gotten up to the enormous and gigantic 1.3 BILLION DOLLARS. With that money, you could do a whole lot of things. You could buy every car that you’ve ever wanted. You could pay off all the debt of every member in your family. You could send your children to college hundreds of times in case they couldn’t make up their minds.

But, you could also throw some money at some of the following homes that are in the Treasure Valley. After all, these things are nothing more than a little pocket change for someone who has 1.3 Billion dollars at their disposal.

Let’s start out a little lower, since you might be a little nervous throwing around that much money fresh out of the gate and need a little practice. What can you get for a measly 2.5 million you ask? Well, enough space to keep away anyone looking to mooch a dime off of you. On 195 acres, you can rest in your beautiful home with four bedrooms and five bathrooms to commune with nature out in the middle of nowhere. State of the art and beautiful as any home on the market, this beginner may be lacking the zeroes, but it’s definitely not lacking the beauty.

Looking to make the upgrade to Eagle? Want to rub elbows with no one around you because you have five acres separating you from the rest of the local riff raff? Then for 3,785,00.00 dollars, you’ll be able to buy the isolation that you deserve. With five bedrooms and eight bathrooms, you’ll have all the space you need in this 12,000 SqFt home of pure decadent beauty, equipped with a swimming pool even. You’ll have to hire the bartender to make fruity drinks with tiny umbrellas for you though.

Are you one of the more aquatic inclined and see yourself by a pool for the rest of your days, in luxury, of course? Then examine this Eagle home in Two Rivers that is going for 4,498,000.00 that will get you 12,063 SqFt. Not only do you get a lavished pool, but you’ll also be acquiring an Egyptian style theater room and a Mother-in-Law quarters because you know that the family is going to be crawling out of the wood work.

Sitting on just over eleven acres, this little piecce of property is approximately 18,434 SqFt for you and your family. Granted, you’ll only have seven bedrooms to hold all of your stuff and hopefully you’ll be able to find a place to wash up before you have dinner in one of the nine available bathrooms. All this will cost you the pittance of 5.5 million dollars, should you wish to lower yourself to such meager accommodations.

For this dinky chunk of property out past the town of Star, you could find this 9,800 SqFt home for just under the big 1-0 at 9,995,000.00. Sure, this will just be a modest domicile for you on your over 40 acres of land, but you’ll find a way to make the most out of this five bedroom and seven bathroom home. This might be a your quaint little summer home, but it sure is beautiful and you certainly won’t find one near by.

Lastly, this beautiful little slice of heaven in Eagle is waiting for you. At 2,671 SqFt, you’ll have your own private paradise. The yard is so magnificent that you’ll want to spend your entire life there. People are going to want to use your wondrous yard for all of their events. It’s going to be the premier spot for you and your friends. Think of the parties! And for just 1,020,000.00 you won’t even know that your cash is missing.

So, this week, if you pick up a Powerball ticket and you find out that you’re the winner, once you’re done passing out over and over again, take a look at some of these cheap, little things that we have in the Treasure Valley. After all, you’ll have more than enough money to live in style. And, if you’re looking to buy one of these little chump change homes, be sure to contact Boise Premier at Melissa@boisepremier.com and we’ll be sure to put you in contact with an agent that will be more than happy to help you get that home. Actually, if you wanted to, you could probably just buy all of them. There’s a thought!