5 Ways to Use Brick in Your Home

Nothing catches our eye more than seeing brick used in home design. It’s common to see it on the exterior, but when brought to the inside, we become obsessed! There are so many ways to incorporate it into your home, and no matter where you add it, it adds character, richness, and a timeless yet modern appeal!


If you are interested in a unique pop of brick in your home, an archway is such a beautiful way to achieve it! Less commanding than a whole wall, and more interesting than a fireplace, an archway makes a gorgeous, eye catching statement


A brick fireplace is a great way to add the style and look if you are wanting a touch of brick, but nothing overwhelming. It will still be a focal point without dominating the room.


A brick patio may seem like an obvious choice, but many times, a simple concrete slab is in place. The brick patio can turn your outdoor living space into a warm, elegant garden feel.

accent wall

What is it about an exposed brick wall that is just cool?? Instantly adds a bohemian and vintage vibe to your home


A brick backsplash is our absolute favorite look! It is such a bold statement in the kitchen while maintaining a timeless look. Whether your style is elegant or farmhouse, it always works!

Here is a great video to show one of the many easy ways to add the brick look anywhere!