YouTube is taking off among the Real Estate world. Realtors are using this form of marketing to reach more home buyers. Think about it, how many times have you pulled up YouTube to watch a video?  I know personally I’ve found myself looking up all kinds of miscellaneous videos this week; how to make baked brie like Paula Dean, human genetics, gardening tips, you name it. Could I be more random?
Ironically ACAR emailed out their weekly bulletin and there was a link to a site that customizes your YouTube videos for $20. With one simple click I found myself on The American Genius website where you can pick your spokesperson and they will create your video for you! Pretty cool.

Here are the facts; over 100 million people are watching an online video every day. Like myself people are using YouTube for various reasons. They might be looking for some help on a DIY project or looking to get an inside look on homes that are for sale.

Here are a few videos that we enjoyed and think you might too.

Trey Landford at does a pretty sweet job with his videos.

Cindy Poulsen creates exceptional videos as well.