One of the most exciting things to happen at home is the arrival of a new child! Every area gets baby proofed, cleaned, and inspected for the little one to come to its new home.

Even though the baby proofing isn’t too fun, making a new room for them is. There are plenty of ways to make a new baby room (or toddler’s room).

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Make sure you get the essentials
    •  Get the crib and secure it to the wall-Babies grow fast and become adventurous early on! Also, it might be easy to place it close, so you don’t have to find your way in the middle of the night and have the possibility of tripping on anything.
    •  Find a changing table that compliments your crib, and set it close to the crib so you don’t have to carry a wet, tired, crying baby across the room
    • Invest in a good diaper pail. You don’t want to have the room smell stinky until you change the pail again!
  • Get a Rocking Chair-Trust me, rocking the baby to sleep works! Piece of advice; make sure it’s comfortable for YOU since you will be sitting in it.
  • Install Blinds in the room. Its proven people sleep better with no light. That goes for babies too!
  • Decorate the room how you would like! Buzzfeed actually has some pretty good ideas on how to save space in your new baby room!
  • Get all the necessities-burp clothes, ointment, diapers, stuffed animals, pacifiers, wipes, rattles, etc.

If you have lived in your home for 20 years or 2 days, making that space for your new addition is fun, even though it can be stressful. Just remember to focus on what you need for that little one to stay comfortable, and you to love the new space you created.


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