I had the privilege of going to a small lunch meeting with one of the directors of Jump, Jacks Urban Meeting Place in Boise Idaho.  This is such an amazing project and will be welcomed in downtown Boise.  It is located between Front street and Myrtle street on more than 7 acres of vacant land that was previously unbuildable because of contaminated ground (it is safe now).  The design is very futuristic and unique epically in Boise Idaho.

It is funded by the Simplot family and will feature, a five story slide, a community kitchen, dance studios, a makers studio (building crafts, wood working and metal working) anteaters, walking paths and a lot (110) of J.R. Simplot’s collection of tractors.  Along the outside of the property will be the Simplot Corporate offices that will result in 900 more employees being in the heart of downtown everyday.

The mission of JUMP  is so refreshing that you almost can’t believe it.  They want to inspire people to follow their dreams.  In Jumps May newsletter they said. ” JUMP has evolved into a community-based concept like none other – a place for exploration, making connections, taking risks, trying new things, building self-esteem, and eventually “jumping”.

There are so many moving pieces and so many diferent activities and groups that JUMP  hopes to attract that it will take alot of work and coordination but I think that they will accomplish the goal and it will be a great addition to Downtown Boise.

At the lunch meeting the the speaker showed this video and said that JUMP is not associated with Holstee Manifesto, but it closely relates to the mission that JUMP is trying to accomplish.

Holstee Manifesto


Visit http://www.jacksurbanmeetingplace.org/# for pictures, the mission, goals and to sign up for the newsletter.   JUMP should be completted in Fall of 2015.



( image used from http://www.jacksurbanmeetingplace.org/#/images/4, for more amazing photos visit the official website)