Stephanie Leonard is an Agent at Boise Premier Real Estate in Boise, Idaho. She took home the Rookie of the Year award at the REALTORS Awards Gala Friday night. We thought it would be awesome to hear, in her own words how she found success in her first year as a Realtor. 

What a great honor it is to be elected Rookie of the Year! I remember moving to Boise just under three years ago for a biology job because that is what my degree is in. That job never worked out and I was going to pack my stuff and move again but Boise won a piece of my heart and I wanted to stay here! I kept thinking, “what can I do to pay the bills” because I was substitute school teaching and that surely wasn’t enough. Someone mentioned to me one day that I should get my real estate license and I thought “yeah I could do that.”

So I did! I went into it with the attitude that “failure is not an option”. I am a single mother and this just had to work for me. I have always been outgoing and creative and I would wrack my brain trying to figure out ways to be different than all the other agents. My goal was to figure out what everybody else was doing and do it but in addition I had to one up them! I grew my sphere from ten people in Boise to 200 in six months. I love knocking on the doors of FSBOs and just simply networking on a daily basis. I finally get to be my own boss, let my creativity and service make me money instead of someone else and I still get the opportunity to help and educate people too!

I just helped a young gal get a home that was in a homeless shelter with three kids just two years ago. This job can be so fulfilling in so many ways. If you truly put your customers and client’s best interests before your own, you build a rapport that is priceless. If I had advice for any agent, new or seasoned, I would say always remember that your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card and how you leave others feeling after an experience with you is your trademark!

Thank you again #Boise for the awesome award. I am forever grateful and honored. 

Stephanie Leonard

The Red Head Agent

Boise Premier