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I grew up in San Diego, California with engineering/architect plans surrounding me because of my Dad, an engineer. I designed my first house at 8 years old (a square box with windows!) and my love of houses has never stopped. Along with this love of houses is my love of travel. I have been fortunate to live in several different countries like Saudi Arabia, England, France, UAE and Ireland. In 1998 I obtained my BA in International Relations from The American University of Paris, France and moved to Ireland. I met my husband from Donegal and had two kids in Ireland before moving back to the US.

We finally came to rest in Boise after living in San Diego and Atlanta. I started out in real estate right away and in less then two years have sold over a million dollars worth of property, gained many new skills in the never ending arena of real estate. Starting out real estate in a down market was an inspiring time for me and gave me many options and experiences that I would have never gained otherwise.

Now, with the turn in the market moving forward, I am taking the knowledge I have acquired and my expertise to an even higher level. I love working with buyers and sellers. The feeling of satisfaction at every close and knowing someone is moving into their dream home fulfills me to no end. My belief in offering the best customer service and timely responses is what has helped me excel in real estate.

My main ambition in real estate is to make the purchase/sale of a home for a client an exciting and smooth process. I feel that providing detailed information, updates, quick responses and options for a client is the best way to achieve this, while taking my love of homes and sharing feeling with my clients.