Are you one of the 3,000 families that will converge onto Harrison Boulevard tonight? Since as early as the 1930’s parents have taken their little goblins, witches, and superheros down to this historic district.
Why do parents love this area? It could be the well-lighted sidewalks, volunteer crossings or the police assistance which all add to the comfort and sense of security that other streets may lack.
Other side of things.
How do the homeowners on Harrison prepare for All Hallows Eve? By buying cart loads of candy. Some can easily spend around $400 on candy alone.  I was standing behind a women in September who was already preparing for tonight’s festivities! One look in her cart and I myself wanted to dress up and with basket in tow, ring her doorbell.
The amount they spend on candy doesn’t come near what some homeowners spend to cover the elaborate decorations. If you have driven down Harrison Boulevard during this time of year you will no doubt be one of those ‘rubber neckers’. Each house seems to get better than the next with the homes decorated to match the festivities.
The prime time to visit Harrison tonight for trick-or-treating is from 6-8pm. Remember to only visit the homes with porch lights on here in Boise.
Even if you don’t have any little ones to dress up and take down to this almost 1-mile stretch, it’s still worth seeing.